Case Studies

Real stories. In their words.

Case Studies

Our daily habits determine our future. With over 75% of women struggling with their relationship with food, we celebrate these leaders who put their health first and transformed their wellness through our Empower program.


We have helped over one thousand people get free of their struggles with food. Here are some of their stories.


The tools and insights I learned in Empower was the beginning of a massive upgrade in my ability to understand and empower myself.  One of the greatest insights of both of these programs (Empower and Rise) is understanding that the thinking mind, the voice in my head, is not me. Priceless!!!

kimber • empower, rise • 2021

I feel so much better knowing what I now know- that I can live happier FREE from the relentless expectations I placed on myself! 

I discovered I’ve been lied to and ruined by a social construct of a diet industry whose methods oppress and brainwash so I would feel something was wrong with me!

christine • empower • 2021

The program's effects are with me for life. That is comforting beyond compare. Thank you. Thank you from a deep heart.

mary kate • empower • 2020

“i can’t even imagine purging”

I now no longer binge and purge. My last purge was at the end of week two of the program and now I can't even imagine myself purging. 

ashley • empower • january 2020

“i can’t unlearn what i know now”

I can't unlearn what I now know, and the new connections I have created in my brain are mine to enjoy. That's the best part!

jennifer • empower, prosper • 2020

“these tools will serve me forever”

Beyond the food stuff I feel excited to use these principles in so many areas of my life. I feel like these tools along with the emotional support tools I learned will serve me forever.

adley • empower • december 2020

“I'm calmer and happier now than I've ever been before.”

Learning to celebrate myself for my strengths instead of focusing on my weaknesses has been life changing. I'm calmer and happier now than I've ever been before and other people are starting to notice it, which solidifies it for me even more. I was really surprised that I was able to open up to a group of complete strangers and in 2 months let them know me better than lifelong friends and family do. Those relationships I've made are priceless.

The connections with other women in the group have pulled me out of feeling isolated and given me the support I needed to truly be honest with myself about what was going on in my head.

cynthia• empower • april 2021

“freedom in every area of life”

My growth, joy, and freedom can now expand to not just food and body image freedom, but also freedom in every area of life that is meaningful and important to me.

madison • empower • january 2020

I have more hope and confidence.

chole • empower • january 2021

I am starting to honestly love my body.

alicia • empower • january 2021