Freedom Story from Celia

There is a family story where there was always competition issues with food alcohol, gambling, etc. I started my eating disorder when I was 15 because I thought I wasn’t beautiful. Also my sister was anorexic at that time and I felt I was a whale. I was ashamed of my body and I was completely normal…

So, I started with restrictions and then purge, and then extreme exercise and I lived in this cycle for 32 years. Always feeling uncomfortable, always trying to fit in a cannon.

There were times as a normal eater, but a small thing could lead me in to get crazy about my body image and start the cycle again.

It got really bad at the pandemic but I felt so tired of depending on this obsession that I knew it came from a social construction but I was giving all my power to it. Also I was worried about my health because my hair was falling and my state of mind was becoming more unsteady.

I took a dedication of healing after my fifteen year old daughter asked me to look for help.

I didn’t want to transfer this behavior to her, I want her to be free from social stupidity.

And my sister did this program some years ago, and I saw her amazing freedom, I was determined because I knew it works.

I’m now free from food obsession, I’m making peace with my image. This program helped me to work straight away to the point : Beliefs. To understand and put in to practice the awareness of thoughts in the creation of habits.

My relation with food and thoughts is changing because of this practice, they have less and less power and I can choose better how I want to live the present moment.

I’m moving forward and feeling much happier, and for me, the biggest gift, is that this is a practice of knowledge and growth. This is a practice for life.