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A Life of Freedom & Meaning

What if you could unlock a life of ultimate freedom and meaning with one simple neuroscience hack?

If you’re like most successful women, you know how to climb the ladder—but it’s become a cage.

All your efforts and achievements have come at a major cost to you.

  • You thought with more hustle you could find time to relax, but you are on your way to burnout.
  • You thought with greater influence you could do more meaningful work, but you are feeling empty.
  • You thought as soon as you reached the next milestone you could focus on you, but you are feeling alone and unfulfilled.

If all your effort isn’t leading to more freedom or meaning, you may be asking, “What is it all for?”

You find yourself fantasizing about quitting it all … throwing off all the demands, expectations, and hustle for worthiness … blowing up your life and all you’ve worked for.

Deep down, you know giving up won’t make you happy. But staying where you are isn’t sustainable.

Something has to give while you still have some fire left in you.

If this sounds familiar, you’re in the right place.

The Centered Living Bundle will give you the exact neuroscience principles and support you need to bring meaning and freedom into your life while reaching even greater levels of success, abundance, and balance. 

Here’s the thing …

Your life is a result of your thought habits.

Every action you take and every emotion you feel is preceded by a thought.

If you take repeated action, it turns into a habit: a habit of thought that leads to a habit of action. This includes everything from procrastinating, exercising, worrying, or overeating to meditating, standing up for yourself, or loving yourself.

What fires together wires together.

A core principle of neuroscience is that “what fires together wires together.” Your brain is physically changing every time you repeat your habits of thought. Every thought you repeat is either a vote for the life you want or for a diminished existence.

You can rewire your brain.

The great news is that conversely, what fires apart wires apart. Once you’re aware of the thought habits that lead to certain actions, you can break any habit that doesn’t serve you.

A new level of success is at your fingertips.

Every success is the result of one simple principle: the only obstacle we really face in life is the way we are thinking of the problem. Imagine if you could decide on the success you want, rewire your brain to match it, and see your actions effortlessly lineup with your outcomes. Sound magical?

It is. But it’s also possible.

What is Neuro-Centering?

The ultimate freedom is a mastery of self.

At The She Center, we have spent years refining the same process of Neuro-Centering that I used to transform my own life. It’s a predictable and effective framework to create a new relationship with our brain—and thus to change our habits of thought to match our most meaningful life. This process is the core of Centered Living. 

the centered Living Bundle

every tool you need to center your life
and claim the meaning and freedom you’ve been searching for

Total Value: $988

Plus, this incredible bonus:

Here is everything you get with the Centered Living Bundle:

  • Centered Living Framework Guide ($24 value) 
  • The Thought/Action/Result Paradox ($12 value) 
  • The Power of Thought ($12 value) 
  • Navigating Emotions Course ($350 value) 
  • Empower Preview Course ($350 value)
  • Permanent Food Freedom Masterclass ($120 value) 
  • Connecting with our Higher Self Visualization ($120 value) 
  • BONUS: 1-month membership in the She Circle community ($247 value)

a Total Value of $1,235
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Time is of the essence.

Here’s why …

Centered Living is worth more than 10 times the investment.

Our clients have happily paid us more than $33,000 for the results of this education. But for a limited time, we are practically giving it away … because we believe that women of the world are calling for authentic community and real change.

We are revolutionizing the experience of being a woman through high-level community; and we have found that action-takers—those who are ready to receive the best that life has to offer now—make the biggest impact in the world we are building.

But this discount will not last. It’s only available for the next few days and only for new members. After that, we will not offer it to you again.


There is a lot in this bundle! Where should I start?

We get it. We are being super generous, and there’s a lot to absorb! Here’s what we recommend:

  • Start with the Centered Living Framework eGuide. This will give you a customized guide for what your specific opportunities are.
  • Next, look over your other resources and see what may be a match to your current needs. If you aren’t sure, start with the other PDF guides. They are quick and powerful learnings.
  • Prioritize attending your next live She Circle event (whether you have started with your resources or not) so you can experience the power of shared momentum!
What is The She Circle membership like?

Magic and amazing! But to be more specific …

Each week our live event will focus on an area of Centered Living and on bringing that element into balance in our lives (for example: moving from needing control to instead gaining empowerment). Depending on the week, you might deepen your understanding of Centered Living principles through a workshop given by a She Center instructor. You might ask a question about your own life or benefit from “hot seat” coaching given to a fellow community member. You might join a small group and share with other women in response to a powerful prompt, transforming your own experience in the knowledge that you are not alone.

You are also welcome to connect online any time, day or night, in our private membership portal. Friends are made every day of the week at The She Center!

The guiding principle is that we will will always focus on what will serve you best, both in your personal journey and in the collective evolution of our community.

What is “hot seat” coaching?

At our live workshops, we coach individuals within a community setting. One participant, chosen from those who have pre-submitted questions, is placed in the “hot seat” and receives personalized coaching from a She Center coach. This provides huge value to both the participant and the entire group. You get to see how the principles apply in your own life, whether in the “hot seat” or as a witness, and to feel the power of community support.

How do you select questions for hot seat coaching?

Our coaching team reviews all pre-submitted questions and makes the decision based on what questions will serve the group best. For example, there may be a question that multiple people have asked, so it’s a great one to dive into. We often use our intuition and experience to select which questions we address.

What time are the live events?

We meet live every Thursday at 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time for about 2 hours. This is a great time to include our community in both the US and Canada, as well as those in the UK.

There is no perfect time for everyone, so we encourage you embrace imperfection and prioritize yourself. Block off time for your “important meeting,” find a spare room on your lunch break, or pop in while commuting, from a bathroom, or a parked car. Practice getting as resourceful for yourself as you do for others.

And when life happens, you can always catch the playback!

Is The She Circle a fit for me?

Great question! We are not here to judge, and we also know that you will be served best in a community that shares your values. Here are ours, and you can decide if it’s a match: 

  • We celebrate. Not only does it promote a fun community, but it’s also part of rewiring the brain to overall be more positive and promotes learning and quicker transformations. 
  • We are a diet-, restriction-, and body shaming-free zone. It’s bad for women, so it’s not for us. 
  • We stay focused on what will serve us best in our growth. So we don’t promote outside resources, allow others to share promotional posts, or let members coach each other.  
  • We raise up; we don’t pull down. There is no shaming, bullying, or hate speech.
  • We are feminist. We reject sexism, patriarchal systems, and overall anything that perpetuates misogyny.  
Are men allowed to participate? 

You are welcome to grow with our community regardless of how you identify. We have had many incredible male clients over the years, and the principles of Centered Living have the potential to benefit every human life. That said, our special focus is on uplifting women because we believe that doing so creates a better world for us all … and we wholeheartedly encourage everyone to be part of that mission.

What’s the investment of the She Circle membership after my bonus month?

Ongoing membership is normally $247 a month; but by getting The Centered Living bundle, you lock in a discount so ongoing membership is only $97 after your free bonus month (about the same as a weekly yoga class).

Your membership includes:

  • A weekly live event supporting you in an area of Centered Living.
  • An opportunity for hotseat coaching.
  • The full playback library.
  • Your own private community you can connect with in our portal. 
  • And all the resources in the Bundle. 
Can I cancel my membership?

Of course! We think you will love the support of your She Circle and want to keep growing with us. But if for any reason it’s no longer a match, just email hello@theshecenter.org at least 14 days before your next payment and we will help you cancel.

What are your qualifications?

Lydia and our team of coaches are all master coaches. We are experts in The She Center coaching framework and principles and have over 50 years of combined experience. Some areas of expertise include: neuroscience, habit transformation, mindfulness, psychology, neurobiology, trauma, attachment, interpersonal communication, identity formation, etc.

We have coached over 9,000 clients and have been celebrated by major media outlets like NBC, the Wall Street Journal, CBS, The Good Men Project, Yahoo News, and more. Our organization was founded in 2010 and has won numerous awards, including the Sacred Service Award, and has been acknowledged as one of the top coaching organizations.

In other words, we’ve got you. <3

If I have questions, who should I reach out to?

Send us a message at contact@theshecenter.org, and a real person (not a bot or AI) will be there to help. We have a kind and caring team that is ready to support you.

What if I am a grad of a She Center / Life with Lydia program?

Lydia recorded a video just for you!

The Centered Living Bundle