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Courses & Certifications

Embark. Uplevel. Transform.


We offer individual courses on the human skills that can have the most powerful impact on your life: setting boundaries, navigating emotions, freedom with food, and more. Explore which first step is right for you.


Are you ready for full transformation? Dive into one of our certification tracks, each one representing an intentionally crafted group of courses that build your facility with its life-changing focus. We offer certification to individuals and organizations.


This holistic program is meticulously designed to transform your approach to health and vitality from the inside out. Discover the power of mindfulness, foundational health principles, and stress resilience as you journey through a curated series of courses that challenge and uplift. Learn to navigate life’s pressures with grace, cultivate habits that fortify your well-being, and sculpt a vision of health that resonates with your deepest values. This certification is more than a series of lessons; it’s an invitation to a life of intention, balance, and enduring wellness. Shape your future with every step of this empowering expedition.



Elevated interactional prowess is the focus of our Communication certification. Delve into the essence of self-expression, uplevel your ability to understand others, and master the dynamic art of exchange. Cultivate a profound self-awareness with insights into the narratives that shape your thoughts and the resilience to set and respect boundaries. Harness the power of confidence, both within yourself and through your interactions, and learn to navigate the intricate dance of human connection. Master the nuances of diverse communication styles, embracing inclusivity and the subtle art of influence. Refine your internal dialogue, ensuring it uplifts and aligns with your true identity. Learn to craft powerful conversations that resonate and inspire, and lead groups with compelling clarity and impactful presence. This certification goes beyond mere dialogue, offering a holistic approach to effective communication, and fosters environments of genuine understanding and collaboration.


Emotional Intelligence

Dive into the depths of self-awareness and interpersonal mastery with our Emotional Intelligence certification. This comprehensive journey is designed to hone your understanding of your inner world and refine your interactions with those around you. Engage with the subtleties of emotional navigation, from recognizing the narratives within your mind to embracing the full spectrum of your feelings. Learn to establish and maintain healthy boundaries and to ensure your emotional well-being amidst the complexities of human relationships. Cultivate better results through a leadership style grounded in vulnerability and authenticity.